One of God's "Roadies"

As a "roadie" on God's tour, I get go along with Him and watch as He speaks to people through His Word.

Last weekend I watched while presenting Revelation in Deltona, FL. All 3 three services were packed with audiences that gave God and His Word a standing ovation!

I wish I had a camera over my shoulder so that you could see the faces, hearts, and minds of the people that were touched deeply by hearing what God has in store for them. I'm convinced that their encounter with God, through His Word, on that particular day is something they will never forget.

The little girl below was one of many moved to have compassion on the needy. She and her family sponsored another little girl through Food For The Hungry.


This is how God's Word should effect each one of us. When we hear it, experience it-we should be inspired to obey it, to conform ourselves to it, to become more like it's author-Jesus, so that we are prepared when we meet Him.

One day everyone of us will wake up to find ourselves on one of the pages in the book of Revelation. I think this little girl will be on the right one,...will you?

Looking forward to being in Tulsa, OK this weekend presenting Revelation again at: CrossPoint Church, Indian Springs Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church of Bixby. 

If you are not in the area and able to attend, please pray that God will open hearts and minds, that people will be moved to compassion, and that peoples lives will be touched and transformed forever!

For His Glory,