Killed for Being a Christian?

In times like these when Christians are getting killed for professing faith, not only overseas but her in places like Roseburgh, OR, I'm always inspired when I meet people standing firm for thier belief in Jesus. God's Word is powerful. The way it calls us, convicts us, and drives our emotions, heart, and attitudes is constantly a source of wonder for me.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Tulsa, OK to present pieces of Genesis, John's Gospel, and Revelation and I met yet another believer standding firm for his faith. He is one of the listeners to our radio program. He drove from his home in Kansas all the way to Tulsa, OK (2 plus hours) for my Friday night presentation in order to "experience the Word of God".

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I was humbled and grateful to be able to take this picture with Chris Ashford (see above). After hearing some of his testimony, and recognizing his hunger to know and understand God better, I was inspired once again to continue to "seize the day and share God's Word as much as I can.

THE WINDOW FOR SHARING GOD'S WORD OPENLY IS CLOSING! The world is hungry, (PRAY FOR ROSEBURG) and fortunately God is always speaking to us through His Word.

Please continue to pray for me this week as I visit Findlay, OH on Friday night for The Church of The Living God at their "Universal Night of Praise" event, to present the second half of the book of Revelation...And again on Sunday morning where I'll be in Charleroi, PA presenting Acts of The Apostles. Pray that God will change many lives and futures through these presentations.

And remember, it's never too late for you to "act out" God's Word yourself by sponsoring a child through Food For The Hungry!

Blessings to you,