"My Son Listens To You In Prison"

I got a call last week from a mother of a 20 year-old that had just gone to prison for life. "It was murder" she said, "but he has since come to know the Lord". She went on to tell me that her son listens to our radio program in prison, and that he wanted to send me a donation to support our ministry! That's why she was calling-to send the donation on his behalf. He wanted us to send him anything we could that would help him grow in his faith. He also wants me to come and visit his prison to present the Word of God-specifically Revelation.


Prisoners have been writing me with more and more frequency, asking for any resources we may have that can help them in their walk with the Lord.

We need your help to make that possible. Any donation you give this month will go towards Bible resources for prisoners.

For 2016 We are re-arranging my schedule to include prison presentations in the towns and cities where I am planning to travel to present the Word. Since these prison performances are not paid, they must be supported by generous sponsors who also have a heart for those who have been forgotten by the church. Here are three things you can do to help us reach them with the words of life:

1) Give: Help us provide the resouces they need to grow in faith. Every Bible, every book, every CD or DVD gets serious use in prison!

2) Pray: Pray that the Lord will open doors of opportunity for us to visit more prisons next year.

3) Invite: Contact our office with the name of a prison or prisoner near you that we can visit to present the Word.

This Sunday I'll be presenting John's Gospel in Lower Burrell, PA, and net week I'll be in the Knoxville, TN area sharing Revelation. Please pray for God's Spirit to move powerfully and bless many.

In Him,