Last weekend I had the opportunity to share John's Gospel at a church in Lower Burrell, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh). It was great to watch God's Words being put into action. I couldn't count the times I saw and experienced the people there "doing" the Word.  More kids lives were changed as several sponsored children through Food For The Hungry. What a blessing to experience the words I saw on one of the walls in the church: "Hear, Think, Obey".

This is what walking with God is all about. First He gives us the ability to hear His Word. Then we must think about it-have our minds transformed. Only after that do we have the ability to "act" it out and obey it.

So what is God calling you to hear today? What is He changing your thinking about? What is He calling you to "act out" or to obey?

This Sunday I'll be travelling to Cogan Station, PA to share Genesis. Please pray  that God will open the hearts and minds of all who hear God's Words. Pray that they will truly "Hear, "Think", and Obey".

May God's Peace Be With You,