Holding Up The Light!

The biblical prophets practically invented being politically incorrect. Because they delivered God's Word's that were often filled with rebukes and warnings to people who really didn't want to hear them, they were usually stoned to death or sawed in two. Today it's no different. As a mailman for God I have recieved death threats, and wondered wether I was going to be able to "leave the building" after speaking God's truth. I still have yet to see a stone fly, but persecution of all who put thier trust in God's Words (the Bible) is happening more now than at any time in the history of the world.

Creation Man

(This is picture of me presenting the creation account from Genesis last month-"God creates man in His own image").


Fortunately as the world grows darker, the light of God's Word grows brighter! We should be growing more and more bold to speak His truths to a desperate and needy world. It is because we know the blessings God has made available for those who put thier trust in Him and the curses for those who do not, that we should be motivated to inspire as many as possible to "fear God, and keep His commandments".

I want to personally thank all of you who have prayed for and supported our ministry. There are so many who have volunteered thier time, talents, and treasure to bring God's truth to thirsty souls. Last year was our most fruitful on record. I presented the Scriptures more than 70 times in 27 different states. God's Word was broadcasted on Television into 31 countries.


We saw hundreds of children rescued from poverty and discipled through our partnership with Food For The Hungry. We feed thousands of prisoners across our country with Bibles and other Christian materials to help them in thier walk with God. Through our nationally syndicated radio program "The Moral Dilemma" we were able to shone the light of God's truth on current events weekly, and distribute much needed Biblical teaching on critial subjects usually avoided by mainstream churches.

We have many opportunities to do so much more, but we need your help.  Here is how you can support us:

1) Prayer: We need you to pray regularly for us that God will keep opening doors for His Word to go out, and that He will provide the people and provision for His will to be done through this ministry.

2) Provision: We need you to consider making a regular monthly comittment of either your time, talents, or treasure. Any small regular thing you can do will greatly enhance our ability to glorify God through His Word. "The fields are white, but the laborers are few"...

Here is a link you can click on the make a monthly or a one time donation: https://pushpay.com/pay/actsoftheword

You can email me directly if you have time or talents that can help us "Hold Up The Light" . (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

May the Lord bless you richly for your obedience and desire to honor Him!


This week I'll be in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. If you're in the area please come on out to experience God's Words. I'll be presenting...

John's Gospel on Saturday, January 23rd @ Racine Correctional Institution, Racine, WI (closed to the public for obvious reasons)

Revelation on Sunday night, January 24th @ Christ Community Church, Zion, IL (open to everyone!)