Marquis Laughlin



Marquis Laughlin is the founder of Acts of The Word, a non-profit, non-denominational ministry devoted to transforming people's lives through the words of the Bible. He is a performance artist, theologian, and missionary to the church here in America. His live performances include 7 compelling dramatic solo Scripture presentations highlighting the epic story of God's relationship with man; Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, John's Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & Revelation. He maintains an active touring schedule at theaters, conferences, and houses of worship. His one-man shows have been presented all over the world.  Acts of The Word produces the nationally syndicated radio, television, and social media platform called The Moral Dilemma, focussed on challenging believers to develop a biblical worldview. Marquis' numerous live presentations of the Scriptures inspire believers to stand up for the Word of God, and to trust in the accuracy, authenticity, and authority of the Bible. By "speaking the truth in love" Marquis challenges those who experience the Bible live, to "act out their faith" by sponsoring children through Food For The Hungry. He has also partnered with iDisciple, Logos Bible Software, Prison Fellowship, The NRB Network, American Family Radio Network, Answers in Genesis, and numerous other organizations committed to serving others and making positive strategic impact on our culture.

Marquis and his wife Theresa have three young children and live in the Pittsburgh, PA area.


Gene Arnold

Executive Producer/Lead Editor

Gene-Arnold-300x225Known to his co-workers as "The Wizard of Oz", Mr. Arnold is the founder of A & A theatrical Lighting and Design, and has spent more than 30 years designing and lighting numerous Off Broadway productions. He has toured the United States with various artists, and his work has been featured in Christian Church Production magazine. From stage, to television and radio, he's wrestled with every imaginable production challenge and handled them with "Macgyver" like skills! His super powers include a "Can Do" attitude that's able to figure out innovative ways to fix problems, and masters new technologies quickly.


Tami Outterbridge

Writer/Associate Producer/Los Angeles Woman on The Street-"The Outter Limits Segment"

Tami outterKnown as "The Storyteller," Tami Outterbridge is an accomplished Writer/Producer with more than 20 years' experience telling the stories of corporate, non-profit and entertainment clients including "BOSS The Movement/Vertical Leap," Microsoft, and the American Diabetes Association. Her "good news" stories, articles and people profiles have been featured in numerous promotional DVDs and publications, including Christian Entrepreneur Online, Success and Power, Pivot Point and L.A. Parent magazines. She whips out compelling stories at super-human speed and is a master at creating characters and dialogue. When there's an unbelievable act of kindness, or a despicable lowdown deed, you can believe she's on it – exposing heroes, villains and their tactics! She's also the voice of Priscilla Pride, aka "Planet Me", and Edith Envy, aka "The Hater".


William Agosto

Production Manager-MoralDTV

WP 0000021Bill's more than twenty years of experience designing and producing theatrical lighting have led him to work with The Black Spectrum Theater Co., The Pax Theater Community, The Illustrious Theater Co., and most recently The A&A Theatrical Lighting Company. Bill's seasoned artistic touch, and pursuit of excellence are responsible for bringing the characters of The Moral Dilemma to life. In addition to being a slime-fighter on The Moral Dilemma staff, Bill is also a hero in real life, and fights fires for The New York Fire Department.

Tim Michaels

Web Comic Illustrator

Tim-Michaels-PicTim's a native of Orlando Florida Youth pastor with a wide range of experience in radio and TV production, as well as web design and graphics. But his talent for caricature and illustration is quickly building him a reputation in the art world as a dynamic innovator and instructor. He draws the weekly Moral Dilemma web comic, and his all of his work can be seen at