We Just Rescued 15 More Children From Poverty!

It is always amazing for me to watch God's Word at work! This past weekend we saw 15 more children rescued from poverty, and about a dozen people give thier lives to Christ! John's Gospel brought in several homeless people to one of the churches where I presented it. Many of them prayed to accept God's salvation and came forward for prayer and help. The generousity of true believers really comes out when they hear the words of Jesus. The audiences for Revelation and John's Gospel really rallied by picking 15 children to rescue and share God's love and words with. There is something extraordinarilly satisfying when you know you are right where God wants you to be! Knowing that more children will live, and have better lives like my sponsored child (see me with Frailin below) makes me smile everytime.Frailin

Please continue to pray for me as I visit three churches this weekend in the Kansas City, MO area. I'll be presenting John's Gospel, Acts of The Apostles, and Revelation. Pray that hearts and minds will be open to receive God's message, and that children's lives will be saved and healed through the speaking of God's Word. For details on my performance schedule visit www.actsoftheword.com.