Do You Have Questions About The End Times?...

The increase in worldwide persecution of Christians has resulted in an intensified interest in Bible prophecy. It seems that everyone from the Church to Hollywood is trying to understand what the Bible says about the "end-times" now more than ever before.

This year marks my 20th anniversary of presenting the Book of Revelation live, and the words and story have never felt as relevant and powerful as they do now. It is as though the audience has a real sense that they are about to live through some of the events described, like getting beheaded because of your Christian faith, or refusing to receive the Mark of The Beast.

My burden to share what I have learned from memorizing, studying, and sharing this book has led me to present a verse-by-verse study that will start on our radio program (The Moral Dilemma) Sunday, May 3rd. I'm not sure how many weeks this will take, but I'm guessing we'll be at it for a while! You can listen via any of The American Family Radio Networks 205 stations nationwide, or via our website

I invite you to send me your questions about Bible prophecy and the "end-times" to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll be answering every one of them during the course of our study. I would love to hear any questions, comments, or resources that you've found valuable. We can grow and learn together as we "long for His appearing".

This Sunday morning I'll be presenting the Book of Revelation at Alliance Church in Elizabethtown, PA (just outside of Hershey). If you're in the area, come on out and experience the blessing of hearing this timely part of God's Word.