New Verse-By-Verse Revelation Study!

I'm incredibly excited to announce that The Moral Dilemma Radio program will begin a verse-by-verse study/teaching of the Book of Revelation on Sunday, May 3rd! You can listen via the website at, or on The American Family Radio Network Saturday mornings at 7AM, and Sunday nights at 10PM central. The shows will also be available on The Moral Dilemma app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Having this particular book of the Bible memorized, and having performed it more than 700 times over the past 20 years has indeed been a blessing. But it has also greatly humbled me, and my opinion of my opinions! Filtering what we are taught through the lens of Scripture takes patience, and diligence. I can't impress upon you enough the need to continually re-examine what you think you know about Bible prophecy.

This study will focus first and foremost on what the rest of the Bible says about the book of Revelation. We will also address popular teachings and views on the end-times to examine if they are consistent with all that the Scriptures reveal.

I invite you to email any links, recommended resources, difficult questions, or comments to me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will attempt to address all of them as we approach the relevant passages in Revelation.

Please continue to pray for this ministry! I'll be in Michigan this Sunday presenting the Book of Daniel at two different churches on Sunday, April 26th. Pray that God will continue to open doors for His Word to go out and transform people into His image, and that He will send us workers, and provision to advance His Kingdom!

May the Lord Bless All You Do For Him,

-Marquis Laughlin

-Founder/Acts of The Word Ministries