• 7 Things God Hates

    With all of the news about storms and wars many are wondering if God is angry at our country. Marquis looks at the 7 things God hates, and then examines what God does about them. Does God use the weather, natural disasters, and war to reveal Himself?

  • Jesus On The End Times: "The Timing of God's Judgement"

    When will Jesus return to judge the earth and those who have rejected Him? What is the difference between man's judgement and God's wrath? How does God's judgement look? This is the final part of our series examining Jesus' words on the end times.

  • Revelation 15:1-8 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis examines Revelation chapter 15:1-8. Who are the characters in this scene, and where have we seen them before? The Q & A segment reveals what the Bible teaches about those who are indifferent to Bible prophecy.