Second Coming

  • 8 Things Every Christian Should Be Watching

    Jesus tells us over and over again to "watch and be alert". But what should we be watching for? Marquis shares 8 things that  are predicted to happen just prior to Jesus' return to set up His Kingdom, and how you can share them to alert those around you.

  • Rapture: Case Closed? Author Nelson Walters Interview Pt. #1

    Marquis interviews author Nelson Walters whose new book "Rapture: Case Closed?" claims to present "new evidence" for the timing of the rapture. Walters uses 147 different proof texts that give readers a clear biblical look at the rapture and the various positions commonly taught today. Eye-opening for everyone-especially those who think they are familiar with the topic!

  • The Future of Easter: What Will Our New Bodies Be Like?

    When will the resurrection take place? What will it be like? What will our new bodies be able to do? Marquis examines the past, present, and future of Easter.