• Why did Jesus tell his disciples that the parable of the sower was the most important teaching about God's Kingdom to understand? What does it tell us about our current spiritual reality? Plus, Marquis shares details about the film that has had the greatest impact on his spiritual life.

  • This week Marquis examines what the Apostle John taught about the End Times. He looks at the Rature event found in John's Gospel, and examines John's epistles to find a familiar pattern that echoes Jesus' teaching about His return. Marquis compares the most famous rapture passage in the Bible (2Thess.) to John's teaching to find that they teach the same thing about the timing of Jesus' return.

  • What does God's Judgement look like? Marquis examines the "Day of The Lord", when it starts and what to expect. God's wrath will fall on those who have rejected His Son. But when will it begin, and what is the difference between God's Wrath and man's wrath?

  • When will the resurrection take place? What will it be like? What will our new bodies be able to do? Marquis examines the past, present, and future of Easter.

  • Prophetic details about the return of Christ are plentiful, but what will the day be like when Jesus returns? How will the world respond? What should believers really be expecting? Plus, this weeks Moral Dilemma: Is it really important to study Bible prophecy?