• 8 Things Every Christian Should Be Watching

    Jesus tells us over and over again to "watch and be alert". But what should we be watching for? Marquis shares 8 things that  are predicted to happen just prior to Jesus' return to set up His Kingdom, and how you can share them to alert those around you.

  • Alan Kurschner #1 Why Study Bible Prophecy?

    This week marks the first or our interviews with Alan Kurschner, an author and theologian who is known for his debates surrounding the timing of the rapture event. We zero in on why is it important for us to understand this event, and Jesus' warnings concerning believers attitudes about His second coming.

  • Alan Kurschner #3 The Timing of The Rapture

    This is part #3 of my interview with author and scholar Alan Kurschner. We discuss the biblical evidence for the timing of the Rapture of the Church, and the specific sequence of events predicted to happen just prior to that event.

  • Jesus On The End Times: "The Timing of God's Judgement"

    When will Jesus return to judge the earth and those who have rejected Him? What is the difference between man's judgement and God's wrath? How does God's judgement look? This is the final part of our series examining Jesus' words on the end times.

  • Rapture: Case Closed? Author Nelson Walters Interview Pt. #3

    Marquis and author Nelson Walters discuss how Matthew 24 fits into the book of Revelation, and Paul's teaching in 2Thess. Is there really a "3rd coming", or is Jesus just coming a 2nd time? The timing of God's wrath and the rapture of the church have never been clearer. And what does Paul mean when he refers to "the last trumpet"? Make sure you understand what the Bible really teaches about these subjects.

  • Revelation 4:1-11 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis examines chapter 4 of the book of Revelation. He shares various interpretations and discusses the biblical ramifications and inconsistencies of each one. Q & A addresses the controversy over the identity of the 24 elders.

  • Revelation 5:1-14 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis examines chapter five of the book of Revelation. The Q & A segment deals with the identity of 'The Sons of God" in Genesis 6, and how this fits into end-times Bible prophecy.

  • Revelation 6:12-17 Verse By Verse Study

    The Day of The Lord is the most prophesied event in all of Scripture. Chapter 6 of Revelation is compared to all that the Old Testament prophets wrote about this epic cosmic event and it's timing. In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles how the Supreme Courts ruling on Gay Marriage may be fulfilling Bible prophecy.

  • Revelation 7:1-17 Verse By Verse Study

    This week our focus is on chapter 7 of the book of Revelation. What do these verses say about the timing of the Rapture? Does Jesus teach a sequence of events that will happen just prior to His return? In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles the question of "unredeemability". Can people change themselves genetically so that they are virtually unredeemable?

  • The 7-Year "Tribulation" Period Outlined

    Marquis describes what Scripture says about the final 7-year period prior to the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on earth. How will it start? Will we know when we are in it? What are the key prophetic events Jesus told us to watch for? This program details the general chronology of this important period of concentrated prophetic events.

  • The Disciples on the End Times: John

    This week Marquis examines what the Apostle John taught about the End Times. He looks at the Rature event found in John's Gospel, and examines John's epistles to find a familiar pattern that echoes Jesus' teaching about His return. Marquis compares the most famous rapture passage in the Bible (2Thess.) to John's teaching to find that they teach the same thing about the timing of Jesus' return.

  • The Disciples on the End Times: Luke

    In addition to repeating Jesus' teaching on his return found in chapter 24 of Matthew's Gospel, Luke gives us some unique information about what society will be like just prior to the setting up of the Kingdom of God on earth. What exactly did Jesus mean when He said the days before His coming would be "just like the days of Noah?"

  • The Disciples on the End Times: Paul

    What did the Apostle Paul teach about the return of Jesus? Why doesn't it match the most popular teachings about the rapture and Christ's return?

    Marquis examines Paul's teaching in 1st and 2nd Thessalonians and compares it to what the other disciples thought to reveal a striking consistency that does not gel with today's most popular prophecy teachers. Also, the origin and history of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view.

  • The Future of Easter: What Will Our New Bodies Be Like?

    When will the resurrection take place? What will it be like? What will our new bodies be able to do? Marquis examines the past, present, and future of Easter.

  • What Will The 7 Years Before Jesus' Return Look Like?

    The Bible reveals chronological details about the 7 years just prior to the return of Jesus to rule and reign the earth. What can it tell us about events predicted to happen just prior to the resurection and rapture of the church? What 5 things should we be doing to prepare for this time?