• Aliens In The Bible Part #2: If Aliens Exist According to The Bible, What Are They Doing Now?

    Why are there such a fascination in our culture with aliens? What does the Bible have to say about life existing beyond earth? Why is entertainment saturated with the idea of becoming "super human"? Marquis looks at what the scriptures have to say in part #2 of our series on Aliens in The Bible.

  • How Aliens and Super Heros Fit Into Bible Prophecy

    Is there a reason why there are so many films and TV shows about Aliens, Super Heroes, and humans with Super Powers? Marquis discusses the numerous Bible prophecies that predict this resurgence. Why is this relevant for your future? What is the enemy planning that he's already in the process of selling us? What can you do to resist the Devil's most popular lie: "The Upgrade"?