• 10 Current Events Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

    There are lots of predictions in the Bible about the End Times, but which ones are happening right in front of us? Marquis details 10 current trends in the news that are actually fulfilling specific Bible prophecies. Discover how these events tie together, and why it's good to know where they are leading according to the Word of God.

  • Daniel Chapter 11 Introduction

    The 11th chapter of the book of Daniel gives amazing details about the future career of a coming world ruler commonly referred to as the Antichrist. Marquis share the near/far fulfillment aspect of this prophecy, and how God's plan for mankind is often "pictured" over and over historically only to be ultimately fulfilled in the person and rule of Christ. Our Word of the Week is: PLAN.

  • Daniel Chapter 11:36-45 Verse By Verse Study

    Details about the rise of the Antichrist are given in this amazing prophecy from the book of Daniel. Chapter 11 represents one of the most comprehensive passages about the wars and activity of this coming world ruler in all of Scripture. Our Word of the Week: Judgement. What is the difference between man's judgement and God's judgement, and how can we avoid judging each other?

  • Daniel Chapter 12:1-13 Verse By Verse Study

    In the Gospels Jesus refers to this part of the book of Daniel as revealing the key events scheduled to take place just prior to His return to rule and reign the earth. Very specific predictions are given to the prophet Daniel concerning these "latter days". Our Word of the Week is: TIMING.

  • Daniel Chapter 8:1-27 Verse By Verse Study

    This fascinating chapter of the book of Daniel reveals a prophecy about the coming Antichrist, complete with an historic picture of his activities and characteristics. Our Word of The Week is: SECRETS. Marquis shares several scriptures that reveal what God thinks about our secrets, and who He shares His secrets with.

  • Daniel Chapter 9:1-27 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis breaks down one of the most specific prophecies found anywhere in the Bible. How did Jesus refer to and fulfill this prediction to the day? Does this prophecy predict a coming world ruler who will seek to make and then break a peace treaty between Israel and her neighbors? Our Word of The Week is: UNITY. Why is the unity of the Church so important to Jesus?

  • Is the Church Replacing Israel?

    Is the Church replacing Israel? Do you have to keep the Sabbath Day? Marquis takes your questions about Bible Prophecy and introduces the next months series on Bible Prophecy.

  • The Prophets on The End Times: Moses

    Did you know that Moses predicted the coming of Jesus Christ? What role does the most famous prophet in Israel's history play in Bible Prophecy? Marquis discusses biblical scenes that show us how God used Moses to reveal what He was going to do through Jesus, and how Moses will be used in the future to bring the nation of Israel the knowledge of their true Messiah.

  • What Does Bible Prophecy Predict About War?

    Jesus taught that the end times will be characterized by "wars and rumors of wars", but what about the details? Two great wars are predicted in Scripture. Marquis examines the nations that will be involved in each one, what their motives will be, and what the results will mean. How close are we to seeing these wars take place?