God's Wrath

  • In part #2 of his interview with author Nelson Walters, the timing of God's wrath is examined. What is the difference between man's wrath, and God's wrath? What rapture position fits ALL of the scriptures? Are you part of the 94% of Americans that have been taught something that contradicts scripture when it comes to the return of Jesus?

  • Marquis and author Nelson Walters discuss how Matthew 24 fits into the book of Revelation, and Paul's teaching in 2Thess. Is there really a "3rd coming", or is Jesus just coming a 2nd time? The timing of God's wrath and the rapture of the church have never been clearer. And what does Paul mean when he refers to "the last trumpet"? Make sure you understand what the Bible really teaches about these subjects.

  • Marquis' interview with author Nelson Walters about his book "Rapture: Case Closed?" continues. Nelson reveals the pattern of seven events that lead up to the rapture of the church. How does this teaching fit into what is commonly taught about this issue? What exactly did Jesus tell His disciples to "watch" for?

  • This week Marquis examines what the Apostle John taught about the End Times. He looks at the Rature event found in John's Gospel, and examines John's epistles to find a familiar pattern that echoes Jesus' teaching about His return. Marquis compares the most famous rapture passage in the Bible (2Thess.) to John's teaching to find that they teach the same thing about the timing of Jesus' return.

  • To wrap up our series on what Jesus said about His return, Marquis tackles the most unpopular topic in all of Christiandom: The Wrath of God. What does it look like? How should believers warn others to flee from it? Who will it surprise? Why is understanding the specific timing of God's Wrath crucial to being spiritually prepared?