Daniel's Seventieth Week

  • Daniel Chapter 11:36-45 Verse By Verse Study

    Details about the rise of the Antichrist are given in this amazing prophecy from the book of Daniel. Chapter 11 represents one of the most comprehensive passages about the wars and activity of this coming world ruler in all of Scripture. Our Word of the Week: Judgement. What is the difference between man's judgement and God's judgement, and how can we avoid judging each other?

  • Daniel Chapter 12:1-13 Verse By Verse Study

    In the Gospels Jesus refers to this part of the book of Daniel as revealing the key events scheduled to take place just prior to His return to rule and reign the earth. Very specific predictions are given to the prophet Daniel concerning these "latter days". Our Word of the Week is: TIMING.

  • Daniel Chapter 9:1-27 Verse By Verse Study

    Marquis breaks down one of the most specific prophecies found anywhere in the Bible. How did Jesus refer to and fulfill this prediction to the day? Does this prophecy predict a coming world ruler who will seek to make and then break a peace treaty between Israel and her neighbors? Our Word of The Week is: UNITY. Why is the unity of the Church so important to Jesus?

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #2: 7 Things That Must Happen BEFORE Jesus Returns

    In Part #2 of our interview with author Nelson Walters, we examine the pattern of seven things that are predicted to happen before Jesus returns. The author reveals where this pattern is repeated over and over again in both the Old and New Testaments. Then shows how these events are expanded and repeated in the book of Revelation.

  • Nelson Walters Interview Part #6: Details of Daniel's 70th Week

    In part 6 of our interview with Nelson Walters author of Revelation Deciphered, we discover how the letters to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation describe each year of Daniel's 70th Week prophecy (better known as the Tribulation period). The author describes how these letters are ultimately a survival guide for the church during this time period.

  • The 7-Year "Tribulation" Period Outlined

    Marquis describes what Scripture says about the final 7-year period prior to the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom on earth. How will it start? Will we know when we are in it? What are the key prophetic events Jesus told us to watch for? This program details the general chronology of this important period of concentrated prophetic events.

  • What Will The 7 Years Before Jesus' Return Look Like?

    The Bible reveals chronological details about the 7 years just prior to the return of Jesus to rule and reign the earth. What can it tell us about events predicted to happen just prior to the resurection and rapture of the church? What 5 things should we be doing to prepare for this time?