About the Moral Dilemma

The Moral Dilemma is about the rapid deterioration of American morality.
Each week examples are highlighted and discussed in a classic reporter style format, featuring jaw-dropping stories, interviews, and staggering statistics. Uniquely framed in a spiritual parable featuring personifications of the seven deadly sins as "super-villains of society" (see below), The Moral Dilemma is a "fly-on-the-wall" play-by-play of the epic battle between good and evil. The villains are part of a team hard at work inside of our culture "kidnapping Common Sense, and her sister Common Courtesy". Their mastermind is William B. Blamerson "Accuser at Law", who strategically assigns them to "cases". 

Discover how their efforts are producing the statistics, trends, and stories that are transforming our culture, and affecting your life. And then, put on your super-suit and become a "slime-fighter"...Because there's a war going on my friend...and you're in it!


About The Seven Deadly Sins

In a war it is a great advantage to possess a thorough knowledge of the country. Soldiers fighting on their own ground are able to attack when not expected, to draw the enemy into ambushes, and to vanish when hard pressed without paying the penalty of defeat. It is of equal importance to possess accurate information as to the

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