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What The Psalms Predict Part #3 The Persecution of Believers?

Jesus taught about a future time of great peril for believers. A time that will be the worst ever, never again to be repeated. A time that will occur just prior to His return to rule and reign the earth. The Psalms are full of descriptions of this time period, and shed tremendous light on both the perils, and certainty of hope that the righteous has in Jesus. Also, Marquis addresses the "Mandela Effect", and our weekly Moral Dilemma.


What The Psalms Predict Part #2 The Future of Mockers

The future of people who mock Christianity and Israel is vividly predicted in the book of Psalms. In part #2 of our series on What The Psalms Predict, Marquis examines "future scenes" that show us the exact fate of those who reject the God of the Bible. Also, is artificial intelligence predicted in the Bible? Is it part of the "end-times" scenario and a tool of the coming Antichrist?

What The Psalms Predict Part #1 Amazing Pictures of the Future

The Book of Psalms is the most often quoted source of fulfilled Bible prophecy. Yet modern day prophecy teachers often neglect this largest book of the Bible when it comes to trying to understand what God is about to do next. Marquis opens this series by sharing some of the astonishing 92 predictions the Psalms made that came true about the first coming of Jesus. This weeks Moral Dilemma reveals a biblical principle that shines light on discussions about school shootings.

The Future According to Jesus Part #12 The Wrath of God

To wrap up our series on what Jesus said about His return, Marquis tackles the most unpopular topic in all of Christiandom: The Wrath of God. What does it look like? How should believers warn others to flee from it? Who will it surprise? Why is understanding the specific timing of God's Wrath crucial to being spiritually prepared?



The Future According to Jesus Part #11 The Day of The Lord

There are many signs Jesus taught us that would reveal the general timing of His return. But there is only one ultimate sign: The Day of The Lord. The prophets in the Old Testament wrote more about this sign than anything else dealing with the Messiah and His coming Kingdom. Why is it such a big deal? How can we know when to look for the signs of The Day of The Lord? Marquis examines these questions in part #11 of our series on The Future According to Jesus.

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