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    Believers behind bars are listening earnestly to our show each week, and requesting Bibles and books to help them grow in their faith. You can help us help them by sending in study Bibles and devotional books that have been a blessing to you. Acts of The Word Ministries has partnered with the amazing prison ministry of Christian Library International. Please send your books to: Christian Library International, 4724 Hargrove Road, Raleigh, NC 27616. They are committed believers who answer every letter prisoners write, and will be sure to get your resources into the hands of those who need them the most.

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Generosity Made Simple!

The Future of The American Church

What is the condition of the Church in America? What does the Bible predict it will look like soon? Marquis points to recent headlines and statements by church leaders that reveal a certain future for the Church in America. A future predicted by Jesus and the writers of the New Testament that is unfolding now. This week's Moral Dilemma: Does God Approve of Homosexuality? Marquis highlights the conflicts between statements from Pope Francis and what the Bible clearly teaches.


Should We "Ditch" The Old Testament?

A popular preacher has suggested the Church would be more effective reaching the lost if we "unhitched ourselves from the Old Testament". Marquis examines the ramifications of these statements and sheds light on the battle for the Bible going on inside churches across America. Plus, why is the 70th anniversary of the Jewish nation critical for understanding Bible prophecy? What should we expect to see happen next in Israel?

What Happens to Babies and Children at The Rapture?

This week's moral dilemmas ask: Is the Bible overrated? GQ Magazine thinks so. Plus, should the Boy Scouts drop "Boy" from their name? In our Future Scene segment we reveal what happens to babies and children at the Rapture of the Church during Jesus' return.

Are The Avengers in Bible Prophecy?

How does the biggest grossing movie (The Avengers: Infinity War) opening of all time mirror the best selling book (The Bible) of all time? Is it on purpose? Marquis reveals how the enemy selling us the ultimate lie already. Plus, China installs 600 million cameras and puts every citizen on a list that gives or takes away points based on how "good" or "bad" a citizen they are. Also, Marquis speaks with author Jake McCandless about avoiding our cultures spiritual pitfalls via "Spiritual Prepping".

Why Some People Don't Believe The Bible Is True

Marquis dismantles two popular arguments people use for not believing the Bible: Where did Cain's wife come from, and how did the Indians and other ancient civilizations get here? He also continues his discussion with Jake McCandless, author of Spiritual Prepper. Discover the major pitfalls that are proving to be spiritual doomsdays for believers here in America. Bible prophecy has much to say about the spiritual state of our nation and the world.

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