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    Believers behind bars are listening earnestly to our show each week, and requesting Bibles and books to help them grow in their faith. You can help us help them by sending in study Bibles and devotional books that have been a blessing to you. Acts of The Word Ministries has partnered with the amazing prison ministry of Christian Library International. Please send your books to: Christian Library International, 4724 Hargrove Road, Raleigh, NC 27616. They are committed believers who answer every letter prisoners write, and will be sure to get your resources into the hands of those who need them the most.

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Generosity Made Simple!

The Future According to Jesus Part #3: Wars & Rumors of Wars

The possibility of mankind totally destroying the world is something no previous generations have had to live with. Jesus warned His followers that they would experience a time when wars and rumors of wars characterized thier environment. How should we view the renewed focus on Israel and Jerusalem? What advice did Jesus give us about enduring through these times? This is part #3 in our series of The Future According to Jesus.

The Future According to Jesus Part #2: "Make Sure That No Man Deceives You"

For all of our listeners looking for our program on the American Family Radio Network we are sorry to announce that it is no longer part of thier schedule. Marquis will be providing the details that led to this decision as they become clearer in new programs available on this site. Please check back for updates or join our mailing list for emails. In the meantime enjoy one of the most popular programs in our archives: Part #2 in our series Jesus on The End Times: "Make Sure That No Man Deceives You". Marquis outlines the top false teachings in the church today.

The Future According to Jesus Part #1 The Days of Noah

Jesus had much to say about the future of the world. He characterized the time before His return as being "just like the days of Noah". How does our culture resemble what was taking place during this time in man's history? What are the trends that will turn into our future before Christ returns?

Why Did God Make Satan?

This week's show covers what may be the most popular moral dilemma: Why Is There Evil In The World? Why didn't God just stop Satan right away. Why did He allow death and destruction into our world. Marquis wraps up his interview with author Nelson Walters as they examine Daniel's 70th Week prophecy. Are we really interpreting it accurately, or are there some major things we've been missing....until now?

How Would You Handle The Ultimate Moral Dilemma?

What if you were asked to deny your faith in Christ? What if your job, the safety and welfare of your family depended on your answer? Would you stand firm, or shrink away? Marquis examines every believers ultimate moral dilemma. Peter faced it, and we may have to also. Also, part 2 of our interview with Nelson Walters author of 70x7 Daniels Mysterious prophecy. What does this ground-breaking new book tell us about Israel, the church, and the coming Antichrist and persecution?

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