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Generosity Made Simple!

Daniel Chapter 11 Introduction

The 11th chapter of the book of Daniel gives amazing details about the future career of a coming world ruler commonly referred to as the Antichrist. Marquis share the near/far fulfillment aspect of this prophecy, and how God's plan for mankind is often "pictured" over and over historically only to be ultimately fulfilled in the person and rule of Christ. Our Word of the Week is: PLAN.

Daniel Chapter 10:12-21 Verse by Verse Study

Marquis examines the amazing information this part of the book of Daniel gives us about spiritual warfare and the spiritual activity behind politics and governments. Our Word of the Week is: Armor.

Daniel Chapter 10:11 Verse By Verse Study

After praying and fasting for 3 weeks Daniel is shown a vision, and given the most detailed information about the future outside of the book of Revelation. Daniel's vision in chapter 10 matches John's vision in Revelation chapter 1, and and is followed by information that ultimately describes the wars and governments that will take shape just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Chapter 10 gives us perhaps the most vivid picture of spiritual warfare recorded in the Old Testament. Our Word of The Week is: HELP. Marquis shares job opportunities w/Acts of The Word Ministries, Inc.

Daniel Chapter 9:1-27 Verse By Verse Study

Marquis breaks down one of the most specific prophecies found anywhere in the Bible. How did Jesus refer to and fulfill this prediction to the day? Does this prophecy predict a coming world ruler who will seek to make and then break a peace treaty between Israel and her neighbors? Our Word of The Week is: UNITY. Why is the unity of the Church so important to Jesus?

Daniel Chapter 9 (Introduction)

The prophecy of Daniels 70 weeks is described in detail in chapter 9 of the book of Daniel. Marquis introduces our study on this chapter and discusses the incredible detail God gives us about the history and future of the nation of Israel, and what that means for the coming one world government. Our Word of The Week is: PRIDE. What role will pride take in giving Israel peace, and ushering in the final week of years in Daniel's prediction?

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