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Jesus on the End Times: "Gospel Shared With The Entire World""

How close are we to seeing the Gospel shared with the entire world? Jesus said this would happen prior to His return. This is part #8 of our 12 part series called Jesus on The End Times. Jesus also predicts that Jerusalem will be surrounded by enemies just before He comes back. Marquis examines the timeline for these events.

Jesus on the End Times: "Lawlessness Will Increase"

The increase of lawlessness that Jesus predicted would precede His return has already begun. The love of many is indeed growing cold. But how bad will it get? What will people do to those who hold fast to God's words and the testimony of Jesus? Marquis continues the study focusing on what Jesus said about the end times.

Jesus on the End Times: "Apostasy"

Jesus predicts that there will be a great apostasy, or falling away from the faith just prior to His return. He said that friends and even close relatives would betray each other. How does this fit into the book of Revelation, and what the rest of the New Testament authors wrote? Are we seeing the beginning of this falling away now?

Jesus on the End Times: "Persecution"

Will the church experience persecution on a world-wide basis prior to the return of Jesus? What is the difference between man's wrath, and God's wrath? How should we as believers respond to the refugee issue?

Jesus on the End Times: "Earthquakes, Famines, and Pestilences"

Marquis reviews the 12 things that Jesus predicted would happen just prior to His return. Why are we seeing a dramatic increase in earthquakes, famines, and diseases? What should we expect to see in the future?

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