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7 Things Jesus Warned Would Happen In The Future

Jesus repeatedly warned his disciples about 7 different events that would take place in the future. He taught them how to avoid, prepare, and endure them. But what are they, and why are they largely ignored in the church today? This is part #9 of our 9 part series called "The Future According to Jesus".

The Future According to Islam?

Marquis explores how other religions (Islam, Judaism, and Atheism) view the future, and then reveals how these fit into the Bible's prophetic end times scenario...


10 Things Jesus Will Do When He Returns

Most people know something about the events that are predicted to precede the second coming of Jesus, but what exactly will Jesus do when He returns. Marquis outlines 10 major events in chronological order that will give you a clearer picture of the itinerary of the Messiah...

The Parables of Jesus About The Future

What did Jesus mean when he predicted that the time just prior to His return would look like "the days of Noah"? How do the parables Jesus used to illustrate His return conflict with what most of us are taught about Bible prophecy? Marquis reveals how Jesus' parables about the future clearly fit the book of Revelation and other major prophetic passages.

21 Things Jesus Said About Our Future Part #3

How what Jesus said about the future matches the writings of the other writers of Scripture: Paul, John, Daniel etc...Discover the consistent sequence of events describing the return of Jesus repeated over and over again in the Bible.

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