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Generosity Made Simple!

Revelation 9:1-21 Verse By Verse Study

The last three trumpet judgements are examined in chapter 9 of Revelation. Could the descriptions of these strange creatures be literal? In the Q & A segment: Does Satan have a plan to offer mankind eternal life?

Revelation 8:1-13 Verse By Verse Study

When does God's judgement on the world begin? Marquis examines the first 4 trumpet judgements in chapter 8 of the book of Revelation. In the Q & A segment the identity of the "two witnesses" in Revelation chapter 11 are discussed.

Revelation 7:1-17 Verse By Verse Study

This week our focus is on chapter 7 of the book of Revelation. What do these verses say about the timing of the Rapture? Does Jesus teach a sequence of events that will happen just prior to His return? In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles the question of "unredeemability". Can people change themselves genetically so that they are virtually unredeemable?

Revelation 6:12-17 Verse By Verse Study

The Day of The Lord is the most prophesied event in all of Scripture. Chapter 6 of Revelation is compared to all that the Old Testament prophets wrote about this epic cosmic event and it's timing. In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles how the Supreme Courts ruling on Gay Marriage may be fulfilling Bible prophecy.

Revelation 6:1-11 Verse By Verse Study

The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse are examined. Is this God's Wrath or Man's? How do these events mirror what Christ taught about His second coming? In the Q & A segment we look at the end-times position of the Apostle Paul.

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