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Generosity Made Simple!

Revelation 1:12-20 Verse By Verse Study

John's vision of the risen Christ is examined and compared to other scriptures. In the Q & A segment Marquis tackles the question of "aliens in the end times".

Revelation 1:4-7 Verse By Verse Study

The purpose and premise of the book of Revelation are examined. Marquis answers questions about the Preterist View of Revelation: Why Revelation is all about the "Appearing" of Christ and His future reign.

Introduction to Revelation (1:1-3)

This show is part #1 of our verse-by-verse series on the book of Revelation. Marquis shares the purpose of the book, where it came from, and how to view it through the lens of the rest of the Bible. The shows Q & A features a question about Islam and Christianity, and Marquis includes resources for further study in this area.

The Future of Discouragement

This is part 8 of our 8 part series on The Seven Deadly Sins. The role of discouragement in our lives is often underestimated. Decimating our faith in God is the major goal of the enemy. Marquis discusses how to deal with discouragement, and the massive role it is destined to play in the end times.

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