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Generosity Made Simple!

Signs In The Sky: Is Revelation Chapter 12 Happening Now?

The onslaught of doomsdayers are examined from a biblical perspective as Marquis shares what the rest of the Bible says about Revelation chapter 12 and the signs in the sky. Also, a closer look at how the new IPhone facial/fingerprint I.D., and the Equifax hack could lead to fulfillment of "The Mark of The Beast".

"Giver's Fatigue" Is it Biblical?

Marquis examines a familiar foe: Giver's Fatigue. What does Jesus really teach about giving? Is is ok to feel like we're being asked to give too much? What are the big differences between what Jesus taught about giving, and what is commonly taught in today's church?

7 Things God Hates

With all of the news about storms and wars many are wondering if God is angry at our country. Marquis looks at the 7 things God hates, and then examines what God does about them. Does God use the weather, natural disasters, and war to reveal Himself?

Are Today's Headlines in The Bible?

What current events and stories are actually part of Bible prophecy? Marquis discusses some of the hottest stories that are in the news now:  the recent flood, racial tensions, total eclipse, Korean conflict, and scheduled 9/23/17 astrological event, and reveals how they may or may not relate to Bible prophecies and the return of Jesus Christ.

7 Ways God Speaks To Us Today & How You Can Hear Him Better

Marquis takes a biblical look at 7 different ways God speaks to mankind. He suggests 5 things we can do to make sure we hear His voice more clearly, and warns about 5 things that keep us from hearing God's voice.

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